CrossFit 42 South

WOD- Wednesday the 9th of November 2011

5×5 front squats, going up in weight if possible in each set until you reach your heaviest 5rm


6min AMRAP of

20 box jumps 24/20"

20 double unders


Post loads and time to comments

Alright guys I hear a lot of you are struggling on the rack position. your wrists are hurting right? Well it shouldn't. Please watch this video and start doing as Kstar says. This is from the Mobiltywod link we have provided you guys with under the "Learning outside of the box". Start following this stuff because it will allow you to become a better athlete and make the movements a lot easier. 🙂

2 Responses to “WOD- Wednesday the 9th of November 2011”

  1. CrossFitMSD says:

    6.15am crew…. (Is everyone scared of the rain?)

    Blaze- 80kg, 2+13 rxd

    G- 80kg, Done some rowing

    Megan- 45kg, 1+18 rxd

    Mary- 25kg, 2 (sub 20 jumps for 7)

    Bec- 40kg, 1+3 rxd


    Awesome stuff guys.. Also well done to Mary on her first box jump… Well done mate you nailed it.. Make sure that we all congratulate peoples small accomplishments..

  2. CrossFitMSD says:



    Maso- 2.59 RXD, 1rm Deadlifts 180kg PB

    Micah- 4.32 RXD, 2.16 (40kg), 1.40 (30kg)



    Lucy- 55kg, 2+9 rxd

    Kailtlyn- 45kg, 20+18 rxd

    Shelly- 30kg, 2+10 (attempts)



    Isaac- 35kg, 3+10 rxd

    Paul- 35kg, 1+15 (30skips)

    Mel.L- 30kg, 2(tyre, 30skips)

    Mel.P- 30kg, 2 rxd

    Alex- 25kg, 2 (tyre, 30skips)

    Hayley- 35kg, 1+12 (tyre)

    Justine- 25kg, 2 (tyre, attempts)

    Bev- 25kg, 2 (tyre, skips)

    Alif- 70kg, 3+10 rxd

    Liso- 35kg, 3+10 (skips)

    Joy– 15kg, 2 (tyre, skips)

    Snarey- 70kg, 4+20+1 rxd

    Milvo- 75kg, 2 (attempts)


    Awesome lifting guys… 🙂