CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Wednesday the 8th April 2015

CrossFit Class

Warm up

10min AMRAP (moderate pace)

50 single skips

3 hang cleans

3 push press

2 push jerk

1 split jerk

30 double unders

*Moderate weight to get a feel of the movement



1rm clean and jerk




30 clean and jerks 62.5/40kg

*Any style clean and jerk.

Compare to last time HERE

*I'm pretty sure this is the last time we did it as a class. 


Comp group


1rm clean and jerk



Deadlift 3rm

*Same as yesterday about 1rms.



50 HSPU for time

*Kipping is fine. We will work on strict later on. Same as c2b, goal is fastest time but try to get done in as few sets as possible. Be honest with yourself, mark your hands so they are where they were for the open standards. Make sure feet are on the wall for the rep to count.



30-20-10 of:

Barbell rows

Banded tricep pull downs

Hip extentions

*Perfect barbell rows. Pick own weight. Keep same each set. Doesn’t have to be UB but you should be able to do 15 reps to start. No rest between sets but this isn’t for time.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 12.15.49 pm





I'm pretty sure we finished 1st in Tassie out of all the other affiliates. We also finished 100th overall in Australia out of 350 odd teams. This will changes once others go teams etc. We will mostly likely finish in the top 100. Well done guys. 


3 Responses to “WOD: Wednesday the 8th April 2015”

  1. Ty says:

    1rm c&j 95kg 1kg PB 

    3rm DL 160kg

    50 hspu 10:50

  2. Nikki says:

    1rm clean & jerk – 83kg 

    3rm deadlift – 110kg 

    50 HSPU – 4.38 mins 

    assessory work – done 

  3. Chelsea walker says:

    1rm clean and jerk 85kg almost got 90kg just got to practice split jerking because wasn't looking or feeling to pretty

    3 rm deadlift 115kg

    50 hspu 7.05 rxd was a poor effort due up pounding headache and handstands only making it worse

    accessory work only completed full set of 30's and 20 barbell row and lat pull downs and stopped cause of head