CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Wednesday the 30th April 2014

Few things today…. 

1) Thank you to everyone who done the Joshy WOD and who donated. I can personally say he was a much better bloke then a workout. Man it was tough. The whole community getting together like that is just simply amazing. All of you are a part of the coolest, most bad ass community on Earth. 

2) I want to make a note that every single member at CrossFit MSD is fucking awesome and I want nothing more then to see you all keep improving and becoming the best you can be. So in saying that, I hope everyone knows that If they need some time to talk about their goals, give feedback (good or bad), need help with nutrition etc I'm here for you beyond the WOD. You guys are paying a money for a service and I want to make sure we deliver on that for you. So please, ask for help. I'm happy to catch up out of training if that's what's needed. Send me a message/email or talk to me at the box and we will organise a time to catch up. This goes for EVERYONE…….




Power cleans


*Build each set, not touch and go



For time:

800m run

5 power cleans @ 85% of your best 3


5 power cleans

400m run

5 power cleans

200m run

5 power cleans




A) Back squats 5×5 @ 80%


B) snatch grip push press + OHS

3+3 build to max with no misses




In 18min

6min ME cal row

Then in the remaining time establish a 1rm clean and jerk.


Score is the total cals + weight = total

e.g you row 120 cals and clean and jerk 110kg your total score is 230. So to get a good score you can’t fluff the row. If you do, then you aren’t doing the training right. I want to see what you can get under fatigue.


5 Responses to “WOD: Wednesday the 30th April 2014”

  1. G says:

    5×5 backsquats @122kg

    Snatch grip push press @70kg

    no conditioning. Lower back is fukd from 246468 32kg kb swings yesterday 

  2. Snarey says:

    BS @ 122.5kg

    snatch grip push press & OHS 70kg 

    conditioning row 115cal + 106C&J (PB)

  3. STAG says:

    Refused to do more squats.

    Snatch grip push press, OH squats: 90kg

    Conditioning: 268

    The important stuff: bicep curlz & push-ups

    Felt salubrious!

  4. Bom says:

    Did some push press to make up for yesterday at 50kg

    Back squats were at 100kg

    Snatch grips amd ohs got to 40kg.. ohs are my kryptonite..

    Conditioning was 182, hit 75kg on the jerk which is my current 1RM.

    Wasn't to bad of a day.

  5. Anonymous says:

    back squat 5×5 @88kg (felt like 188kg)

    Snatch grips into OHS slacked off, very sore shoulders from yesterday

    Conditioning 165, hit 75 on clean and jerk, nearly hit 80, nearly but didnt