CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Wednesday the 26th February 2014

2 days till the first Open WOD is released…. 

Make sure you are ready. Your food is on, you're sleeping well, managing stress and have everything dialed in. It's just another WOD but for a lot of us (myself included) we will work our selves up way to much. Just have some fun with it. You can only do the best you can…. 


1rm snatch in 15mins

1rm Clean and jerk in 15mins


Optional conditioning

3x500m rows

-rest 3:00

*Use Mondays 500m pace as a guide. Go at 90% pace and try to keep all 3 rows the same time. divide your time by .9 to workout the 90%. E.g if you rowed a 1:21.8 like some freaks i know (Stag) then he would do the following: 121.8 / .9 = 135.33333 in which I'd be happy with 1:35 pace the whole way. 🙂

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