CrossFit 42 South

WOD- Wednesday the 26/10/2011

Tabata the following….. Lowest reps completed in each 20seconds will be your score for that tabata. You will receive 90 seconds rest between each Tabata..


Tabata 1- Toe 2 Bar


Tabata 2- Burpee Deadlifts 90/60kg


Tabata 3- Push ups (hand release)

Guys you can all learn from this kid… This is how it is meant to be done. Then as a society we become lazy and become quad dominate and then doing something as simple us sitting and standing become really hard. At the end of the day the squat is just your bodies ability to sit and stand efficiently. CrossFit will teach you efficiency 🙂

10 Responses to “WOD- Wednesday the 26/10/2011”

  1. Leah says:

    What are we doing toe to bar on?

  2. CrossFitMSD says:

    On the rings mate…. I'll teach you guys how. Awesome way to really get a feel of Kipling also 🙂 

    6.15am 🙂 

  3. Luis says:

    toe to bar can leave me alone lol will give them a go any way…this wod does look exciting though 

  4. Liso :) says:

    Looking forward to this……thank god there are no double unders! Thanks for being a fantastic coach maso 🙂

  5. Megan says:

    I agree thank god there is no double unders, whip marks have finally disappeared!!

  6. Leah says:

    Ha ha Megan! I had a massage this arvo and the lady asked me what the red stripes on my arm were! Looking forward to this wod maso!

  7. Luce Dog says:

    Was so keen to rip it up in the morning, pitty i just surrended myself to a double + night shift….maybe ill be a stray again!! Smash it guys 🙂

  8. CrossFitMSD says:

    6.15am crew….. 


    Karli- push 6, deads t2b 9 (50kg, knee2elbow)

    Jimmy- had to bail before wod results where recorded 

    Michelle- push 4, deads 2, t2b 3 (knee up)

    Luis- push 8, deads 3, t2b 3 rxd

    Blaze- push 4, deads 2, t2b 7 (knee up) 

    Andy.w- push 5, deads 3, t2b 6 (50kg, knee up)

    G- push 13, sit ups 13, pull ups 5 (scales doing a cripple wod due to injury)

    Mary- push 3, deads 2, t2b 6 (50kg, knee up) 

    Tricia- push 4, deads 5, t2b 5 (20kg, knee up)

    Megan- push 4, deads 2, t2b 7 (knee ups)

    Bec- push 6, deads 2, t2b 10 (knee up)

    Leah- push 4, deads 3, t2b 9 (50kg)


    Well done guys…. Kick ass. Everyone's deads are getting stronger and more efficient 

  9. CrossFitMSD says:

    Arvo WOD results will be up in the morning crew… Sorry for the delay.. 🙂

  10. CrossFitMSD says:

    4.30pm crew…. 

    Kassy- t2b 2, deads 4 push 4 (40kg,knee up) 400m run 2.00

    kaitlyn- t2b 3, deads 3, push 3 (40kg, knee up) 400m run 1.24

    isaac- t2b 3, deads 3, push 6 (30kg) 400m run 1.36

    Shelly- t2b 4, deads, 3, push 2 (30kg, knee 2 elbow) 400m run 1.39


    5.30pm crew….. 

    Micah- t2b 7, deads 3, push 8 (2x16kg KB C&J burpee) rxd 400m run 1.11

    alif- t2b 6, deads 2, push 6 RXD 400m run 1.10

    Snarey- t2b 4, deads 3, push 5 (80kg) 400m run 1.12


    You boys killed it… Epic work to all the arvo crew