CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Wednesday the 23rd July 2014



A1) Press

2-2-2-2-2 – rest :20


A2) 5x ME strict chin ups (3sec pause over the top) –rest :20


A3) Row 200m ME –rest :2:00


*Goal here is to start heavy and build on the press. ME unbroken chin ups and go HARD on the rows. Cycle through all 3 movements then have a rest. Repeating 5 sets total.


If you missed the EMOM yesterday you should maybe do that. At least the muscle ups. Go get it. 


You have 25min to find a 3rm in the Press, push press and push jerk. Good luck, have fun



EMOM for 10min

C2b progressions



6 sets of:

:30 ME Air bike

-Rest 2:00

*You are welcome : ) 




6 Responses to “WOD: Wednesday the 23rd July 2014”

  1. Chelsea walker says:

    12 min emom 

    5 ring rows 

    10 ghd sit ups 


    5 rft of 10 deadlift 79kg

    20 wall balls 7kg to 10ft line 

    9.50 rx 

  2. Mitch says:

    ME ring row: 12,10, 9, 8, 12

    ME ring push ups: 13, 11, 10, 12, 11

    6 ME sets on Death Machine (air bike):

    93-79, 83-71, 88-72, 86-69, 81-69, 78-72 RPM

  3. Kalani says:

    3rm press: 32.5kg
    3rm push press: 40kg
    3rm push jerk: 45kg, could have gone heavier but just wasn’t feeling it.

    10min EMOM of c2b progression: was getting about 3-4 each minute but was working on getting them perfect.

    Avoided the bike but am doing it tomorrow.

  4. Lucy says:

    3rm strict press – 42.5kf (my old 1rm woop)
    3rm push press – 55kg
    3rm push jerk – 65kg

    10min EMOM 7 C2B pull ups managed to do 7 reps for all the rounds, did break them in the last 4 round tho to 4,3

    death by airbike done – rpm between 89-72 still cant walk properly and its 830 at night haha

    tried to do the EMOM from yesterday but my arms were fried after the C2Bs so I gave up that idea 😮

  5. Bom says:

    Strict Press 3RM – 60kg

    Push Press 3RM – 75kg

    Push Jerk -75kg

    C2B EMOM – Kept at 4 the whole way through, with a few tips made the,M easier.

    Death by Air Bike – Did the rounds.. RPMs sat around 85 ish to 75is for the 30 sec.

    Had a few days off due to TAFE. 1week to go..