CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Wednesday the 20th August 2014



Deadlift 5rm

*Add 2.5-5kg to last time



8 sets of:

Row 200m

Run 200m

-rest 2:00


*Score is fastest and slowest times. If you rest is a few second +/- due to sharing rowers, all will be good. Just make the effort to record your times for each set.



Deadlift 5rm

*Add 2.5-5kg to last time



1rm clean in 12mins

*You can warm up to 50% then start the time.




21-15-9 of:

Cleans 60/40kg

Ring dips

*These are full cleans and not power cleans


-rest 5:00


75 wall balls for time

*Aim to go UB. If you break, get back on the ball AFAP. You’ll want to break early but this is a will check. Ask yourself why you want to break? Are you physically failing or mentally? Maybe you need to just harden up and embrace the suck. Who knows, it may make you a better CrossFitter???




8 Responses to “WOD: Wednesday the 20th August 2014”

  1. Steph says:

    First time participating at come stuf today…

    5rm dead lift – 105kg

    1rm clean- 77.5kg (12.5 on my PB)

    21-15-9: 10:30min scaled with push-ups 

    75 WB- 3.48min (lots of breaks as I'm weak)

  2. Bom says:

    5RM Deadlift – 140kg added 10kg from last time, hopefully be able to add 10 again next time.

    1RM Clean – 100kg

    Elizabeth RXD – 17:14 cleans were heavy! Rings dips sucked after the second round.

    75 Wall balls – 4:25 Did them in 25 then 10s.

  3. Lucy says:

    5rm Deadlift – 105kg

    1rm Clean – 80kg just failed 85kg 🙁

    Elizabeth – 16:10 rxd (lol pretty dissapointed with my efforts today, ring dips however are def not a stength of mine althought this is the first time i've rxd' a workout with ring dips)

    75 Wallballs – 3:21 this hurt after today, i did 40ub then the last sets were pretty shitty but got it done! i will do 75ub and prove u mason lol

    all in all i was pretty sad with todays training, my back is up shit creek, and just not happy with my efforts. tomorrow is a new day!

  4. Steph says:

    I just realised I only did 65, I thought that's all I had to do! Woops! Did do the first 25 UB which is an achievement for me! Struggle with WB! Soz

  5. STAG says:

    Skipped Deadlift 5rm (lower back is still fingered)
    130kg clean then got lazy

    Elizabeth: 8:41 ring Dips burnt out quick!
    WB: 2:36 unbroken

    Then practiced cart wheels!

  6. Kalani says:

    Ahh where do I begin… thanks Lucy for making my lazy arse do this.


    1rm clean@55kg

    Conditioning: Elizabeth- 14:41 scaled ring dips with black band

    75 wallballs for time- 5:37 and scaled the height which I didn’t intend on doing so disappointed with that

  7. Nikki says:

    5rm deadlift – 100kg 

    1rm clean – 77.5 

    Elizabeth – 14.36 ring dips suck 

    75 wallballs – they got done that is all  took forever 5.50 

  8. Chelsea walker says:

    5rm deadlift 100kg deads are sucking big time 🙁

    1rm clean 90kg attempted 92.5 elbows not quick enough but hopefully soon 


    40kg cleans ring row push ups on box ouch this hurt 11:24

    75 wall balls 3:46 this hurt even more just whole body hurting today calves and traps from Monday