CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Wednesday

Today we are visting an old favorite benchmark WOD "Fran".. 

This workout is one of the ultimate benchmark WODs in CrossFit. 

Fran is to CrossFitters what the Bench Press is to Globo gym goers..

It will test you mentally and physically. It will test your muscular endurance and at the same time your speed. It will test your work capacity and also your lactic threshold. 

So be sure to show up today to test your fitness and see how much you have improved since the last time we done this WOD. Be sure to find your old results so you have something to aim for.. 

GHD and Push ups workshop

We will spend about 7minutes going over how to use the GHD safely to help build some strength throughout the abs, errecotrs, glutes, hammys etc. Then we will go over the push up, a simple movement which can be done poorly when under fatigue so we will go over just how to do them correctly, safely and efficently and really explain the standards so you get the most out of the movement.




Thrusters 42.5/30kg

Pull ups

Log results online (beyond the whiteboard)



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