CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Tuesday

Everyday Hero Award

Tomorrow is the start of a new month and we are going to bring back the "Everyday Hero Award" at the box. We have a board that is designated for you to put down your goals for the month. These goals can consist of anything from I want to attend a full week of CrossFit, I want to eliminate all sugars, I want to deadlift 200kg or be able to run the block without having to walk etc. 

Here is the cool part, there are prizes for those athletes that are serious about their training. These athletes are the ones who will go up and beyond their regular training and ask for advice and put in the extra yards. This will prove to us that these athletes deserve to be rewarded and acknowledged for doing everything in their power to work hard in achieving their particular goal. The prizes will vary but the coolest part is the acknowledgment they will receive. Everyone will know just how hard this athlete is working to achieve their goals. 

We will then select 1 person to be named our "Everyday Hero" for the month. Now this athlete doesn't have to have the best Fran time nor do they have to always finish on top of the daily WODs. This athlete just needs to show the extra work put into the month in the aim to achieve their goals. This may be the person who is always on top of the leader board or it may not. Just as long as they are putting in the hard work. 

So make this your month to really own it and become a total BAD ASS!!!



Strict press 1rm for day

Push press 1rm for day

Push jerk 1rm for day


(You will have 30 minutes MAX for all of the above. You should be push pressing more then your strict press and push jerking more then your push press.)



Run 1km


Post all 1rms and time to comments

The reason you all train at CrossFit MSD. Great read lol..

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