CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Tuesday the 9th September 2014




Press 3×5

*Add 1kg



EMOM of 20min

Odd- 5 strict pull ups (upscale if easy, see notes)

Even- 3 wall climbs

*If you have 10+ strict pull ups then add weight. If you can do 7-8 stick to the 5 reps as they will get hard fast.




Take 15min to build to a max clean and jerk


5×2 @ 90% -rest 1:30

*Drop and re set. :10 max between reps.



A1) Press 4xME  @ weight from last week –rest :30


A2) 15 band pull a parts (PERFECT!) –rest 2:00

*focus on perfect form over heavy band tension please. 



12min cut off:

5 wall climbs

10 burpee muscle ups

5 wall climbs

5 burpee muscle ups

5 wall climbs

Just a little bit of weight. 315# is 142.5kg. WOW….. 



7 Responses to “WOD: Tuesday the 9th September 2014”

  1. Bom says:

    Max Clean & Jerk – 85kg new pb! Did the rest of the C&Js at 75kg.

    Pressed 50kg 4,4,4,3 then the band pull aparts.

    Got 5 Wall Climbs and 2 Burpee Muscle Ups! Stoked! Totally didn't need to use a box or a bench for my 2 muscle ups, unlike some!! ;-).


  2. Lucy says:

    Max Clean and Jerk – 82.5kg new PB, did the 5×2 @ 65kg

    4x ME Press @ 4kg 11-10-10-10 with pink band pull aparts

    Conditioning – 11.50rxd this ruined my shoulders haha. i did maybe have to use a box for the muscle ups but i got the work done lol!!!

  3. Kalani says:

    Max clean + jerk @ 50kg, bit disappointed with this I should have done more just wasn’t feeling it today ????
    5×2 @90= 45kg. These were pretty heavy but got them done so happy with that.

    A1) press@25 = 8/8/8/8 reps
    A2) 15 pink band pull aparts

    conditioning: 5 wall climbs+ 5× 1 burpee+muscle up. Really struggled getting these locked out. But happy with 5 muscle ups!!!

  4. Nikki says:

    Max clean & jerk – 65kg give up on this as wasn't feeling very strong 

    press @ 34kg  8s on the sets 


    5 wall climbs/ 10 burpee bar muscle ups/ 5 wall climbs/ 5 burpee bar muscle ups 


  5. Chelsea walker says:

    Did on Thursday 

    max clean and jerk 

    worked up to 55kg first time split jerking with decent weight felt bit shitty

    5×2 @ 49.5 only did 3 sets should getting fatigued and techniques was getting terrible 

    4 rnds ME press at 27.5kg 4,6,6,3 

    band pull aparts started with pink band too hard so did these with orange scrap piece of band with external rotation of shoulders shoulder couldn't hack these just fatigued too quick so had to break up to sets of 5 towards last few.


    5 wall climbs + 10 burpee pull ups + 5 wall climbs + 5 burpee pull ups + 5 wall climbs 9:41