CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Tuesday the 9th December 2014



Press 3×5

*Add 1kg from last time



EMOM for 21min

1st– 50 double unders

2nd– 10 push press @ weight used above

3rd– 12 burpees



Clean T&G EMOM

5min EMOM 3 reps @ 75%

-Rest 1:00

5min EMOM 2 reps @ 85%

-Rest 1:00

5min EMOM 1 rep @ 90%



EMOM for as long as possible of:

2 muscle ups


6 burpees

*If you get to the 10th minute and 1 burpee every minute until fail.

*Scale reps back if needed. If you don’t make the 10th minute take as long after to make up the volume of 20 total muscle ups, 40 hspu and 60 burpees



3 Responses to “WOD: Tuesday the 9th December 2014”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Clean & Jerk EMOM – 75kg, 85kg then 90kg.

    Conditioning was nuts, did some flopping about on the rings managed 1 or 2 muscle ups, then did some flopping about on the wall, then flopped out some burpees.

  2. Chelsea walker says:

    Clean t&g EMOM 

    3 reps @ 67.5kg

    2 reps @ 76.5kg

    1 rep @ 81kg


    2 ring rows 


    6 burpees

    10 rnds + 6


  3. Lucy says:

    Clean and jerk emom
    Did 5mins @62.5kg then my back caved in so called it quits just did some tall cleans practice

    Conditioning – 21.25rxd did the first 2mins as the emom the died in the bum so just gor the 10rounds done.