CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Tuesday the 31st March 2015

CrossFit Class

Warm up/skill

Come in and row/bike/skip for 5-10min

Then 3 sets of:

7 dead hang to active

15 band pull a parts



Press 3rm

*Build up to a max 3rm. Goal is heavier than any 3×5 you have done before. Try not to burn out in warm up sets.



With a partner complete the following:

20min AMRAP of:

10 shoulder 2 overhead 40/30kg

15 burpees

10 pull ups

*One athlete working at a time. Break up the work as you and your partner wish.

Comp group


1rm power snatch



EMOM for 20min

Odd- 10-15 burpees

Even- 5-12 UB t2b

*Burpees should take no more than :40 if they do drop your reps the following min. Start t2b big-ish and drop back if needed but don’t burn out on first set. Know your body.  

























Smarty working hard on his handstands, then deciding to have a little look around the room while inverted. 


3 Responses to “WOD: Tuesday the 31st March 2015”

  1. Chelsea walker says:

    1rm power snatch 52.5kg attempted 55kg but killed my wrist doing so 

    20 min EMOM of;

    15 burpees e

    5 t2b 

  2. Ty says:

    Power snatch 1rm 67.5 need to drop under deeper

    burpees 12

    t2b 12,12,12,12,12,8,10,7,12,12

  3. Lucy says:

    Power snatch 1rm 55kg felt weak today

    Emom all rounds completed
    12 burpees
    8 t2b