CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Tuesday the 30th June 2015

CrossFit Class

Warm up/strength

Grab a partner and while your partner runs 200m you AMRAP strict t2b.

X 3 sets each.




Sit ups

Jumping lunges

KBS 24/16kg


comp group


Barbell conditioning

ARAMP 1 of Max Snatches at 50/35kg

Rest 1 minute

ARAMP 1 of Max Snatches at 70/45kg

Rest 1 minute

ARAMP 1 of Max Snatches at 85/60kg

*Any style snatches



Front squats




“Naughty Nancy”

4 RFT:

600m Run (just use block)

25 OHS 60/40kg

*Scale as needed.



5 Responses to “WOD: Tuesday the 30th June 2015”

  1. Ty says:

    Snatch 35kg for 10/ 45kg for 8/ 60kg for 6

    front sq 70/75/80/85

    naughty nancy 35kg ohs 26:22 back in saddle with ohs tip nano shot to run in


  2. Anonymous says:

    Feeling pretty tired and jet lagged so just took lifting but easy and light

    Snatch aMRAP

    35 = 17 reps

    45= 6 reps 

    50= 3 reps

    Front squats

    50,55,60,65 felt tough 

    naughty Nancy 

    24:23rxd very slow but got it done 

  3. Lucy says:

    Snatch work 

    1) 14 @ 35kg maybe paced a bit too much here

    2) 8 @ 45kg

    3) 2 @ 60kg failed 3rd rep

    Front Squats


    conditioning – 25:17rx pretty disappointed with this wrists were pretty tender but got it done I guess


  4. Nikki says:

    Snatch work 

    13@ 35kg 


    2 failed @60kg 

    front squats 6-6-6-6 @ 65kg 70kg then gave up 

    class conditioning