CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Tuesday the 25th November 2014



Deadlift 5rm
*Add 2.5-5kg



15min AMRAP

30 KBS 24/16kg

60 double unders

200m run




Take 12min to build to a max of the following complex:

1x push press

1x push jerk

2x split jerk


Then 3 sets at 90%

*Try go heavier then last week if possible.



A) 10min AMRAP of:

3 muscle ups

6 power clean and jerks 70/50kg


-rest 3:00


B) 1km row

100 double unders

1.6km run


3 Responses to “WOD: Tuesday the 25th November 2014”

  1. Chelsea walker says:

    1xpush press, 1x push jerk, 2x split jerk max @ 65kg 

    3sets @ 58.5kg 


    a)10 min amrap 

    3 c2b pull ups

    6 power clean and jerks @ 50kg 

    5rnds + 3 + 1

    B) 1km row + 100 Du's + 1.6km run 

    15:32 died in heat again, Du's were terrible and run was 1.7km

    EXTRA – did class WOD at crossfit innerwest box

    10 rnds of: 

    5 hang power cleans @ 45kg 

    6 lateral burpees over the bar 

    time: 7.19 rx 

    Mucked around with some strict hspu got a few rx which haven't been able to do since regionals 

  2. Bom says:

    Presses – Got to 60kg, back is still a bit sore from the comp so didnt push it. Did the 3 sets @ 55kg.

    Conditioning –

    A) Did 2 rounds, the muscle ups werent really working. Only had 55kg for the C&Js.

    B) Finished in 14:20


  3. Lucy says:

    Push press , push jerk and split jerk -67.5kg
    3 sets at 90% – 60kg

    A1) 5 rounds rxd (linked 3 mu stoked)
    A2) 14:46 rxd cramp in the back off my knees really made running difficult lol