CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Tuesday the 1st July 2014

WOW, it's July already. Where the hell has the year gone????????? 



A1) Push press

5-5-5-5-5 – rest :30

*Build each set. Go as heavy as possible but keep them to push presses and not a push jerk


A2) 5x300m row AFAP – rest 1:30

*Like last week. Balls to the wall on these. See if you can go faster



3min ME double unders

*Must do DU’s. unless you can’t do them for a legit reason (injury).



Take 20min to build to a max of the following complex:

2x clean deadlift

2x hang clean

2x jerk

*All done without breaking. Get in at least 3-4 true working sets (not including warm ups)



Press 3×5

*Heavier then last time



C2b EMOM 10min

*Build from last time.



20-15-10 of:





4 Responses to “WOD: Tuesday the 1st July 2014”

  1. G says:

    3×5 press @ 59kg

    weightlifting complex @70, 75, 77.5kg then stopped as lower back felt a bit funny on 2nd hang clean

    pullup emom – 8 butterfly pull-ups each min

    conditioning – 10:12. Felt a bit slow but hSPU's were hard cuz my shoulders were fucked. Seemed to b doing sets of 4 and 3

  2. Lucy says:

    Clean complex 45-70kg worked on my jerk with tthis

    oops I did 5×5 press at 37.5kg

    conditioning- 12:17 used 1 ab mat did 6 HSPU rxd lol

    3min max du- 245

  3. Bom says:

    Clean deadlifts, hang cleans and  jerks – 40kg to 75kg

    Press – 50kg, 52.5kg, 55kg

    C2B EMOM – Tried to be a 6 C2B hero but turned into a zero! Went from 6s down to 4s towards the end and dragged it out.. Longest 10 min EMOM eva!!

    I think I'm coming down with a bout of the man flu so starting to feel really flat didn't do the comp conditioning but did the 3 min ME DUs instead and came up with 135.

  4. Mitch says:

    Clean complex- 50-70kg- still not happy with how my jerks are going, need so much more practice.

    press 3×5- 52kg. Got all my reps this time!

    c2b EMOM (strict)- 3 each min

    cond. 1 ab mat. DNF, got 20hspu,20t2b,10hspu.13:33 felt like I figured out kipping hspu alright, but soon after triceps died.  Had to leave in a hurry to pick my girls up.