CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Tuesday the 15th July 2014



Press 3×3

*Heavier then last time. Same as squats, we will be testing next week.



20 min AMRAP of:

12 push ups (hand release)

10 strict pull ups

8 deadlifts 120/85kg



Take 15min to build up a heavy clean and jerk double (not T&G), no longer then 5-10sec between reps


B) Push press + push jerk

5×1+2 –rest 1:30

*Build each set.



20min AMRAP of:

8 burpees

4 muscle ups

8 deadlifts 120/85kg



7 Responses to “WOD: Tuesday the 15th July 2014”

  1. Chelsea walker says:

    15 mins working up to a heavy double clean 

    5x50kg, 3x70kg, 2x80kg, wanted to attempt to do 2 @90kg but keeping in mind 90kg is my 1rm  and 80kg felt sketchy so just decided to do a single @ 90kg,failed 90kg twice  3rd attempt and got it 

    3×5 push press 35kg 

    conditioning for today will do Thursday 


    • Chelsea walker says:

      Accidently did this days programming Monday due to losing my shit from night shift oops did cond in today's session since I was unable to complete 

  2. Lucy says:

    15min building to a heavy double clean and jerk 70kg in the end

    push press + push jerk + push jerk worked from 45kg-65kg

    conditioning – 4+8+2 RXD muscle ups got hard what a shocker lol

  3. Bom says:

    Getting sick of missing days due to having man flu and going to TAFE in Launy.

    Made it in today but did yesterday's work out.

    Snatch triple – 57.5, tried 60 a few times but didn't get it.

    Snatch balance – Went from 35 to 50

    Back squat 3 x 3 – 100, 110, 115.

    5 min AMRAP of 70 kg thrusters.. Was heavy lifting it up out of the clean, made it to 17 and a couple of extra cos Masos a bully ;-)).

  4. Kalani says:

    15mins to build up to a clean + jerk double @50kg

    Push press + push jerk @ 25kg – 45kg

    Conditioning: 5 rounds + 2 burpees. Only did 1 muscle up each round and deadlifts were done at 75kg.

  5. Mitch says:

    C&J double- 70kg should have got more, my sucky jerks are holding me back!

    push press+push jerk- 60kg just stuck with 60 all sets concentrating on bailing my jerks.

    cond- 4 + 8 (deadlifts at 100kg) struggled with muscle ups, except for the third round I nailed them with no misses!