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WOD: Tuesday the 15th April 2014

Ok, so I forgot to mention yesterday that we will be trialing a "competition" programming. Basically, if you have the ability to make a little more time on your hands and you train 5 days a week EVERY WEEK, you RXD most workouts and you are wanting to compete in the sport of CrossFit and you really want to improve then this is for you. 

You are expected to actually post your results on the website. Yes, you will log in, enter your name and say everything that you done and how you felt etc. This is the best way I can track the progress. If I don't see you guys posting then I'll can it. 

The regular class workouts will be as normal which is basically GPP (General Physical Preparedness). The goal of this it to get you fitter, stronger and better then you are now. If you are wanting to make the switch and you're unsure, talk to Maso. 

Last thing on the Competition programming. There is more work so please get in early and make a start. We shouldn't have to hang around to forever o'clock so you can finish the work. Get in and get it done please. 

General Physical Preparedness (GPP)


Press 3×5 @ 70% of last weeks 1rm


*  Goal will be to add 1kg a week to each pressing session for as long as possible




push ups (done perfect)




Press 3×5 @ 70%

*Goal will be to add 1kg a week to each pressing session for as long as possible


Push press 5-5-5

*Just build up as heavy, heavier, heaviest but leave a little in the tank to add more weight over the coming weeks. We are looking for a larger amount of weight moved over the 15 reps total each week. 80-85-90kg week 1. 85, 87.5, 90kg week 2 is more weight then week 1. Even though the last set wasn’t more you moved more total weight



Jerk from racks 5×3 (build across each set)

*Similar to above but if you are really feeling it today get after it.




ring dips




7 Responses to “WOD: Tuesday the 15th April 2014”

  1. Mitch Steers says:

    Press 3×5= 45.5kg

    Push Press 5-5-5= 50kg-60kg-65kg

    Jerk 5×3= 60kg-60kg-60kg-65kg-65kg

    30-20-10 Ring Dips & T2B= 27:50

  2. Giani says:

    All of it

  3. Giani says:

    Strict press – 47.5kg, push press 65-75kg, Jerk 70-80

    conditioning- 8:55RXD – today I felt like my arms were going to fall off after this.  My ring dips were fairly average and my T2B even worse.  


  4. Lucy says:

    Strict press 30kg
    Push press 45-50-55
    Jerk 50-55-60

    30-20-10 ring dips/t2b 19.30 (15rxd the rest with black band)
    I actually am possibly the worst ring dipper ever! All I can say is ouch and shit. Split jerks felt fairly ordinary as well!

  5. Nikki says:

    Press – 32.5 

    push press – 55

    jerk – 55 

    ring dips / t2b – 13.35 

  6. Snarey says:

    50KG SP

    60-65-70 PP

    3×3 75 PJ (sore wrist/shoulder)

    no conditioning 

  7. Snoop diggity dog says:

    Press- 52.5

    Push press- 70-75-80

    Push jerks – 80-82.5-85-87.5-87.5

    26 minutes, dips , ghd sit ups.