CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Tuesday the 12th August 2014



A1) Press 4×5 @ 73% of 1rm –rest :30


A2) 4xME UB t2b –rest 2:00



3 cycles of the following:

In 2min complete 30 KBS 24/16kg then in the remaining time AMRAP double unders

-Rest 1:00


*Score is total DU’s completed




Build up to last weeks 5rm and if feeling it go for a better 5rm, if not just aim to do last weeks then…

1×5 @ 95%

1×5 @ 90%

1xME @ 85%

-rest 2:00 between sets



A) Jerk from racks

2-2-2-2 –rest 1:00

*Start heavy and build if they feel good.


B) EMOM for 6min

5 T&G power clean and push jerks

*Must be heavier then grace



EMOM for 10min

Odd- 200m run

Even- 10 cal Air bike

flyer 2014 throwdown 2


2 Responses to “WOD: Tuesday the 12th August 2014”

  1. Chelsea walker says:

    Press- worked up to a comfortable weight still needing to reset scap everytime and with 3sec to lower bar

    5 @ 15kg , 5@20kg, 5@22.5kg

    Push jerk 2-2-2-2 @ 25kg again with 3 secs to lower bar 

    6 min EMOM 

    5 power cleans no jerks just yet

    2 sets @ 50kg

    4 sets @ 52.5kg


    10min EMOM odd-200m run, 10 cal air bike completed some rounds very close getting back to bike at 57,58 & 59 secs this killed so bad  


  2. Kalani says:

    5rm@ 30kg
    1×5 @95% – 28.5kg
    1×5 @90% – 27kg
    1x ME @85% – 25.5kg: 10 reps

    Jerk from racks- 2-2-2-2 : 30-35-40-45kg. Should have gone heavier

    Emom 6mins: 5 t&g power clean ans push jerks. only did 3 reps each minute at 45kg

    10 minute Emom: odd- ran 200m even- only did 5 cal air bike. Struggled hugely with this, just the time frame of it all.