CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Tuesday

Something you can say we overlook is mobalising and strengthening the feet but when you think about it everything we do starts from the ground up and will call for strong feet. If you feet a weak and your ankles roll in how to you expect to squat with 100kg over your head? Check out the video above and start working on fixing your feet today. We will make it apart of our general mobalising work from today onwards… 


Power cleans

5×3 build up to a heavy 3 and maintain for all working sets 

Note- These don't need to be touch and go but don't allow a full rest break between reps


In partners complete the following

12min AMRAP

Partner A 5 burpees

Partner B 5 burpees

The completion of Partner A's burpees and Partner B's Burpees wil equal 1 round. Rest while your partner works. Score will the total completed rounds.


Post weight and rounds to comments

Snoop Sjon styling the Odd kicks and Odd socks.. Love your work man

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