CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Thursday the 6th February 2014

This may seem boring and you may not show up but….. This work is as important as the fun stuff we do as well. If you do not do this today, please make it up on Saturday. If you are unable to make it in for whatever reason that's ok. Just don't not show up because you don't want to row. It could be worse, I could have you do 10min MAX EFFORT on the Air bike… 


Row 1km


-Rest 15min (During rest break work on some light foam rolling, go for a light walk etc. Don’t just sit and stop.


Row 1km


*All out efforts on both rows. It may not look like much work, but if you hit these rows with 100% effort you’ll get a lot from it. 

Double under video wasn’t meant to upload twice lol.
Here, have this one instead…


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