CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Thursday the 30th January 2014


7min AMRAP

200m run

50 double unders


Rest 7 min (During rest break try get 10 perfect TGUs 5/arm)


7 min AMRAP of:

250m row
10 push ups (hand release)

Another cool muscle up video that may help some of you. Comes back to that hollow to arch position. Talk to me at the box and I'll try guide you through this. I am by no means as talanted as Dan Tyminski. I'm actually 2% as good, but I can help you become as good as him though lol.

So if you have time today, work on skills that need working on. If you are on a rest day this is what you'll do. Remember, because it's Thursday doesn't mean you don't show up.  


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