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WOD: Thursday

CrossFit MSD – CrossFit

Remember that there is only Open gym tomorrow in the morning. Gym closed Saturday and Monday while we are all away.

Sorry for this, but we have created some WODs you can do at home.


Warm-up (No Measure)

Mobility flow work to get things going


Taking 10-15min to work on the clean and jerk. Starting as a group briefing over the ins and outs and some workout tips and then building up quickly to the weight you want to hit for the second last round (no heavier).

Once the workout starts, it has integrated warm up from light to heavy. Just go heavy enough in the warm up to give you confidence.

Metcon (Time)

“Because Maso won’t get to play with barbells, you get to have all the fun with them”

For time:

10 clean and jerks 40/30kg

-rest 1min

10 clean and jerks 50/35kg

-rest 1min

10 clean and jerks 60/40kg

-rest 1min

10 clean and jerks 70/47.5kg

-rest 1min

10 clean and jerks 80/55kg

-rest 1min

10 clean and jerks 90/62.5kg

*Any style clean and jerk. Score is total time at the completion of the last clean and jerk.
Scale weight as needed. The first 2 sets should be “easy-ish” then the workout starts in the 3rd set.

Adjust the barbell weight as needed.

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