CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Friday

CrossFit MSD – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

When you get here, try get in some movement flow to lose up. Please don’t just lay on a roller.

Then 3 rounds of:

:20 plank in push up

10 banded good mornings

10 squat jumps (small jumps)

Then warm up the DL and HSPU/scale option and we will get you going.


Will need to stagger the starts to allow for the rowers to be free. wait till someone has completed 20-30 reps on the WB before the next wave start.

CrossFit Games Open 16.4 (AMRAP – Reps)

13-Minute AMRAP:

55 Deadlifts, 225# / 155#

55 Wall-Ball Shots, 20# / 14#

55 Calorie Row

55 Handstand Push-ups

regular weight WB but 10/9′ target

We will use Open standard for those doing HSPU

For training purposes this can be scaled to 1x ab mat or hand release push ups. LEGIT push ups.

Scale weight if needed on the DL.

If you did the scaled version last year and you can’t go RX today, do the scaled version and see your improvement.

CrossFit Games Open 16.4 Scaled (AMRAP – Reps)

13-Minute AMRAP:

55 Deadlifts, 135# / 95#

55 Wall-Ball Shots, 20# / 10#

55 Calorie Row

55 Hand-Release Push-ups

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