CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Saturday the 7th February 2015


This has been a big week for all those who have trained at least 4 days. You body is sore, you are worn out and just don't have it in you to hit another big session. Well, todays workout is meant to just get you moving at an easy pace. But, if you are feeling good and go at 100% you'll soon enough walk away feeling like you "did something". 

So come in this morning and just exercise. After class, if you feel like doing more work you can. That's what open gym is for. 


20min AMRAP (not scored) of:

Row 15cal

Inch worm 10m

Bear crawl 10m

50 single skips


Then Mobility. Pecs and Traps. 


Same as the regualr class guys, you are beat up. It's the end of the week, you are sore, worn out and can't be botherd. This morning we have some rowing intervals. Yes it's hard but it won't leave you beat up for days to come. After we will finish with some "body-building" work for fun. If you are really sore and feel like you have been hit by a bus, skip it. 


Row 500m 70% effort 

-Rest 1:30

Row 500m 80% effort 

-Rest 1:30

Row 500m 90% effort 

-Rest 3-5mins x 3 

*Try to keep the same pace for all rounds. E.g 70% = 1:45, 80% = 1:41, 90% = 1:37. And yes, this is 9x500m row



4×10 close grip bench press –rest :30

4×15 tricep push downs – rest :30

4×15 Hip extensions (wtd if possible) –rest :30


Remember to take your pics and #crossfitmsd and you could appear on our website. 


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