CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Monday the 31st March 2014

Well done to all the athletes from CrossFit MSD and Move Strong who took on 14.5 over the weekend. You all done so very well and I'm so proud. You are all bad ass. You have completed the Open either again or for the first time. There have been some awesome moments as well. People going above and beyond what they thought was possible. 

I'll have a bit more of a comprehensive write up on the Open after everyone has finished as there are people still needing to go tomorrow. 

Love you all. Everyone makes me proud and I also have to thank everyone for being so suportive of me and my own personal goals. I'm sorry If I neglected anyone during this period. I'm so thankful to have everyone of you in my life….. 



EMOM for 21min

1- 15 cal row

2- 15 front rack KB lunges 2×24/16kg

3- 50 double unders



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