CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Monday the 26th May 2014




Back squat 3×5

*Add 2.5kg to last session if possible. By now, a lot of you should be dropping the weight back and rebuilding.




1km row

50 thrusters 20kg

30 pull ups





A) Back squat 3×5


B) Press 3×5


C) 4xME strict HSPU

*Scale with 1xab mat or do L sit presses




1km row

50 thrusters 20kg

30 pull ups

This was made by Kalani. Thank you so much dude. It means so much to me. 




3 Responses to “WOD: Monday the 26th May 2014”

  1. lucy says:

    back squat 3×5 @85kg

    strict press 3×5 @35kg heaps easire than last week!

    Strict HSPU -17 did this with 1 ab mat and a 5kg plate because im weak lol

    Conditioning-9:31 rxd probably the first rxd i have done since doing this comp work lol, beat my old time, however feel that i could and shold have done better on the thrusters, pull ups felt fairly okay.

  2. Mitch says:

    Bs- 90kg

    press- 49.5kg- last rep of each set is getting tough

    strict hspu- first ones! 12 with 1 ab mat

    jackie- 9:59 rxd- thrusters and row could/should have been done better

  3. Chelsea says:

    3×5 @ 90kg 

    didnt get enought time to do strict press

    2 strict HSPU no ab matt injured shoulder doing strict HSPU at regionals so it's still  feeling horrible

    Wod 9.43rx