CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Monday the 24th November 2014

There is a free intro session today. If you have any friends/family who are keen to try out CrossFit please bring them along to a class. 


If there a new people in your class, buddy up with them, make them feel comfortable and guide them along the way


Back squats 3×5

*Add 2.5kg from last session



12min AMRAP of:

12 push press 30/20kg

10 burpees over bar

8 front squats 30/20kg



Snatch + hang snatch + OHS

7×1+1+2 –rest 1:00

*This doesn’t have to be heavier than last week but total weight moved needs to be higher. 7 sets @ 60kg is better then 40-65kg as total weight moved is greater. If feeling it, go heavier.



Back squat 3×5

*Add 2.5kg



EMOM for 21min

1st– 6-15 ub c2b pull ups

2nd– 15-20 ub wall balls

3rd– Row 10-15cal

*I want you to be challenged in this. Pick a number on each exercise that is manageable but challenging. Don’t sell yourself short. 

this looks to be a cool little series …


2 Responses to “WOD: Monday the 24th November 2014”

  1. Bom says:

    Snatches – 45kg x 2, 50kg x 2, 55kg x 2 and 60kg.. didnt quite get there. A bit of a form issue… And its heavy!

    Backsquats – 107.5kg

    Conditioning – Chest to bars 6, Wallballs 15, Row 10 cal.

  2. Chelsea walker says:

    Snatches 45×2, 50×2, 55×2, 60×1 

    backsquat 92.5kg 


    6 c2b 

    20 wall balls 

    15 cal row 

    started off well in conditioning but missed last round due to 36 degree heat here in Sydney thought I was going to die