CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Monday the 20th October 2014

For all those MSD members who did the Burnie 10, well done. Hope you all achieved the goals you aimed for. 



400m run

20 back squats @ 80% of 3×5 weight

400m run

40 pull ups

400m run

80 KBS 24/16kg

400m run

100 double unders

*30min cut off




1rm snatch in 15min



Same as class but…

Weight is 100/70kg

C2B pull ups



Tabata hollow rocks

Logan has his 1st birthday on Sunday. Had the best day ever…….. 

IMG_2850 IMG_2860 IMG_2866


7 Responses to “WOD: Monday the 20th October 2014”

  1. LUCY says:

    1 rm Snatch – 70kg big pb baby yea so happy 🙂


    400m run

    20 back squats @70kg

    400m run

    40 C2B pull ups

    400m run

    80 KBS 16kg

    400m run

    100 Double Unders


  2. Leafy says:

    1rm snatch 85kg PB HELL YEAH!!

    Conditioning: 27:01. Really tough WOD but it was good


  3. Anonymous says:

    Got to 65kg on the snatch but 70kg psyched me out again.. I'll it up again one day!!

    26:00 on the conditioning only did 90kg though.

  4. Kalani says:

    1rm snatch@35kg

    24:36 on conditioning, only did 55kg (80% of 3×5) and normal pull ups not c2b.

    Also did tabata hollow holds, thought it was holds not rocks oops!

  5. Kalani says:

    Used 57kg on the backsquats actually!

  6. Chelsea walker says:

    1rm 55kg could not get 60kg up shoulder still sore and tight from HSPU Friday 

    conditioning 20.08rx c2b bit slow but starting to link atleast 3 together but had to mix grip for most of them