CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Friday the 9th May 2014



A) Back squats 3×5

*Heavier then last time by 2.5kg


B) 5rm weighted strict pull up




Option A

15min AMRAP of:

5 c2b pull ups

7 push ups (hand release)

9 front squats @ 50% of A




Option B

15min AMRAP of:

3 bar muscle ups


9 front squats @ 50% of A



Strength (today or Saturday)

Back squat 8×3 @ 88% (last 2-3 sets if you feel you can go heavier, get after it)


Weightlifting (today)

12min to find a 1rm power clean + Push jerk

*Be strict on time. Warm up to 50% then start the clock. Don’t change it because you want to spend more time. Do it as written!


Strength (Today)

5rm push press

then 1×5 @ 95%, 1×5@90%



10 rounds for time of:

1 legless rope climb

5 burpees

1 muscle up

*If you are able to please do this from a sit position. If you struggled on last weeks from a stand just go from a kneeling position

*Scale muscle up with 2-4 c2b + 2-4 DEEP ring dips



4 Responses to “WOD: Friday the 9th May 2014”

  1. G says:

    Power clean/push jerk – 90kg, really struggled here, lower back not enjoying push jerks at the moment

    5rm push press – felt fairly light, and probably some sort of PR, then done a set of 5 at 75, and another 5 at 70kg

    condtioning – done, took about 16mins, shoulders died in the last few rounds and rope climbs got tough. Got it done tho

  2. Lucy says:

    power clean and push jerk-70kg

    push press 5rm-60kg

    90%-54kg,95% -57kg

    conditioning -21:05 did 3 leg less rope climbs the rest were with legs, and couldnt do the very last muscle up for the life of me spent about 5mins trying grrr 

  3. Mitch says:

    Power clean push jerk 80kg

    push press 5 rm 60, 57, 54. Could have got a little bit more but shoulder started hurting

    conditioning 20:02rxd got it done, had a couple muscle up misses

  4. Nikki says:

    Back squat 3×8 105kg

    conditioning – 14 mins everything felt great rope climbs and muscle up feeling easy today