CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Friday the 2nd May 2014



Back squat 3×5 – rest

*Heavier then last time by 2.5kg



EMOM for 16min

Odd- ME strict pull ups in :50

Even- 20 wall balls




1rm power snatch in 12 mins


*BE STRICT ON TIME. Warm up to around 50% then the time starts.



Push press 5rm

1×5 @ 95%, 1×5 @ 90%



5-4-3-2-1 of:

legless rope climbs

Wall climbs

Power snatch 70/50kg

*On the rope climb start from a stand, no jump and control back down, no jumping down. If you are a little more advanced and can manage this, start from a sit and control until feet touch then sit back down and repeat


Saturdays training

NOTES: If you can’t make it in tomorrow to do your squats you can do them today. 8×3 @ 85%. 




















Sonia, not long ago you was so scared to jump on this box. Earlier this week you done like 40 or so of them.. You are a bad ass. Love it


5 Responses to “WOD: Friday the 2nd May 2014”

  1. G says:

    1rm power snatch 70kg 

    5rm push press 75kg

    conditioning – 21:20

    sucked badly, lower back feels fucked from 500 kettlebell swings still, never touching one again

  2. Snarey says:

    Power snatch 75kg

    push press 1×3 at 80 (couldn't be stuffed with them)

    conditioning was 15 rope climbs 12:10 

    and 15 wall climbs 4:39

    knees started to really ache so avoided the snatches

  3. STAG says:

    Am: Row sesh

    1rm power snatch: 80kg
    5rm push press: 95kg
    Conditioning: 14:10

    Felt very slow and lethargic in arvo!

  4. Nikki says:

    Power snatch – 60kg. Whoooo 

    push press – 5rm 60kg – 5@95% = 57kg – 5@90%= 55kg 


    legless rope climb – wall climbs – power snatch @50kg = 31.28

    Very HARD…… Took so long to get the rope climbs in, wall climbs where fun and easy, snatches where hard because my hands killed from gripping the rope 

    p.s I love this new programing 🙂 

  5. Bom says:

    Power Snatch – 62.5kg

    Push Press 5RM – 70kg, @95% 67.5, @90% 65kg

    Conditioning – 18:20 , found the rope climbs different and hurty hands, wall climbs were the hardest after all the shoulder work.

    Also loving the new programming!