CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Friday the 27th June 2014

Want to do a weightlifting comp?

On the 19th July CrossFit 42 south are hosting the Tasmanian Weightlifting Presidents Cup. 

Who is this for? Everyone and anyone who want to go down for a weekend, have fun and compete in the sport of weightlifting. You will be able to compare youself to actual weightlifters. You'll be suprised how well you actually do. 

If you are intersted please let me know ASAP so I can pass your name along and get all the detials to get you registered. 

Partner WOD

With 1 athlete working at a time complete the following:

25 min AMRAP of:

20m OH plate lunge 20/10kg

15 wall balls 9/7kg

10 burpees


*The athlete must complete all the reps before being able to switch. E.g partner 1 starts on lunges, he/she must complete 20m before partner 2 can complete 15 burpees, then partner 1 will do 10 burpees, then partner 2 will start round 2 on the lunges.. You’ll alternate between the movements back and forth until time is called.

8min EMOM of:
3 front squats
*4 sec pause on the first rep, next 2 fast up. Use the weight you started on last week and try to go heavier if possible. Drop weight back if needed.

Do the partner WOD



2 Responses to “WOD: Friday the 27th June 2014”

  1. Lucy says:

    8 min emom front squats -55,60,65,70,72.5,75,77.5,80
    this felt good today much better than last week still hard but good

    Partner wod – done with stag 15+20+5 rxd

  2. Chelsea walker says:

    8 min EMOM 45-72.5 

    dropped weight from last week due to sore lower back

    partner wod 13rnds + 20m + 7 wall balls did guys rx weight