CrossFit 42 South

WOD- Friday the 23rd December 2011

4.30pm class tonight also then open gym tomorrow morning at 10.15m

WOW. It's the day before the day before christmas. WOW.


Merry Christmas everyone. We have had such an awesome time coaching all you guys. Thanks for making my CrossFit Dream a reality. We love you all and we are very proud of you. Kick ass and have an awesome Christmas. J


Snatch Balance skills

Take 20min to find a PB. E.g a 1rm, 3rm etc.


Tabata Bottom to Bottom squats. Your lowest amount of reps will be your score

Then without any rest 1.6km run for time


Post weights, tabata score and run time to comments


This video is a much watch… EPIC!!!!

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