CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Friday the 20th June 2014

reminder that there is no 10am class today (Friday the 20th)



Front squat 1rm

*get after it



3 rounds for time of:

50 air squats

25 pull ups

50 KBS 24/16kg



A) Back squat 5rm


B) EMOM for 8 min

3x pause front squats

*4 sec pause in the bottom on the first rep. Second 2 reps AFAP. Build per set. Start at your max clean and jerk weight and build from there



EMOM for as long as possible of:

5 hang power cleans 70/45kg

5 shoulder 2 overhead

*If you get to 10min add 1 rep to each movement every minute until you fail. E.g 11th minute do 6 HPC and 5 S2O, 12th minute do 7 HPC and 7 S2O, 13th minute do 8 and 8 etc.



3 sets of:

10-15 GHD sit ups

10-15 hip extensions 


I put this up on the Facebooks a few weeks ago. If you missed it, read it now.

The 5 worst bits of nutrition advice EVER














4 Responses to “WOD: Friday the 20th June 2014”

  1. Lucy says:

    Back squat 5rm 100kg

    front squat EMOM – 60,65,70,72.5,75,77.5,80kg missed a round this hurt I hate u mase

    power clean and shoulders to overhead emom 5mins this actually killed me I had nothing and it felt like 145kg not 45kg 🙁

    midline work done reps of 10 for each movement

  2. Mitch says:

    5rm BS- 110kg

    8 min EMOM 3xpause FS- 80-92.5kg- failed last rep

    EMOM for ALAP 5xhang power clean, 5xshoulders to OH- 1 round 60kg.. Couldn't maintain the intensity required. Did a heap of extra reps though.

    3×10 ghd sit-ups

    3×15 hip extensions ( 2 sets with 5kg plate)

  3. Chelsea walker says:

    5rm back squat 

    8 EMOM 3x front squat 60,65,70,75,80,80,80,75 dropped back on last set as wernt feeling great after 110kg bs 

    Got up to 11 cleans did s2oh with PVC shoulder felt good but not good enough to push weight 

    midline work completed 

  4. Bom says:

    Back squat 5RM – 115kg

    Front squat EMOM – 80kg to 97.5kg dropped the last round.

    Conditioning didn't work, tried the 70kg got nowhere. Got to 3 mins with 60kg but wasn't happy. Glad to read that others were unsuccessful was feeling shit about it.

    I did the midline sit-ups and hip extensions.. As a result it feels like my pelvis is trying to tear itself from my stomach. A welcome change from the t2b feeling of the bottom of my ribs trying to tear me in half.