CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Friday the 19th September 2014

We have had heaps of people say that they have this friend who wants to give crossfit a go. Then what happens is we never hear from that friend. So, we are having a "bring a friend for free day". This is for those who want to give CrossFit a go. The WOD on the day will be simple enough they can join in with you, yet tough enough the more advance guys still get a good WOD. 

Remember that every referal that signs up with us gives you 50% of your next months training fees. 

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Rope climbs

*We will teach/reteach you the art of climbing a rope using your legs. Try to accumulate 10-15 total reps. Note that our ropes are about 4’ of standard height but for most of you, it’s high enough….  : )



30-20-10 of:

Thrusters 40/30kg

Burpees over the bar

*15min cut off



Power snatch

1×5 @ 95% of 5rm

1×5 @ 90% of 5rm

1xME @ 85% of 5rm

*Goal is more reps on ME set then last week.

-Rest 1:30 between sets



Front squats


*Start at last weeks heaviest 8 and build from there.



30-20-10 of:

Thrusters 40/30kg

Burpees over the bar

*15min cut off



6 Responses to “WOD: Friday the 19th September 2014”

  1. Chelsea walker says:

    Power snatch 

    1×5 @ 95% 35kg

    1×5 @ 90% 33kg

    1x 5 @ 85% ME 7 reps 

    front squats 6-6-6

    80,82.5, 85kg

    cond 30-20-10 

    30kg thrusters 

    burpees   Time: 9.05 

    pretty happy with this first times doing thrusters since may and had no niggles

  2. Steph says:

    Skipped the snatches- shoulder is improving slowly

    Front Squat: 6-6-6: 70-72.5-75kg and felt really heavy.

    Conditioning: 30-20-10 thrusters and burpees: 11.18min

    Just feeling super lethargic and unmotivated, not sure why! 🙁

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  4. Lucy says:

    Snatch 1×5 @ 50kg

    1x 5 @ 47kg

    1 X ME @ 44kg – 10, heaps less than last week,

    Front Squats: 80-82.5-85kg these were heavy but fun lol

    COnditioning : 30-20-10 thrusters 30kg/burpees 10.06rxd


  5. Bom says:

    Did this work out Saturday morning.

    Snatches – 55, 50kg, ME @ 45kg for 8.

    Front squats – 90, 92.5 & 95kg.

    Conditiong – RXD at 13:56.


  6. Nikki says:

    Power snatch – 95% @47.5, 90% @45, 85% @42.5 – 6 got my belly ring stuck between the bar near pulled it out on the 6th rep so I dropped it, snatches feeling heaps better now 

    front squat – 6-6-6 – 70, 77.5, 82.5 this felt heavy today 

    conditioning – 30, 20, 10 thrusters 30kg,  burpee over bar – 9.05 rxd was good to have Lucy and chels to do this with enjoyed it 🙂