CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Friday the 18th July 2014

The plan was to test next week but I decided that we will slowly taper. Goal will be to try increase the intensity and lower the total volume. Listen to your body. We will be testing in a few weeks. If you are really really feeling it and want to get after it, talk to a coach. I do suggest being patient and waiting. 



Push press


*Start heavy and get heavier



21-15-9 of:

Push press 40/30kg

Box jumps 24/20”


*If prescribed weight is easy go to 60/40.



A) Pause front squats


*3sec pause at the bottom of each rep

B) Push press


*Start heavy and get heavier



3 efforts at 100% effort on each of:

Row 250m

15 KBS 32/24kg

15 burpees

10 KBS

10 burpees


5 burpees

Row 250m

-rest 12min

*I want 100% effort on each round. Don’t try to pace it out at all. You have 12min to recover so get after it. 



3 Responses to “WOD: Friday the 18th July 2014”

  1. Lucy says:

    Front Squat 3-3-3 75-80-85kg I forgot that these were pause squats I only did normal my bad

    Push Press 5-5-5 45-50-55kg shoulders felt pretty sore during these so didn’t go as heavy as I probably could have.

    1) 6:12
    2) 5:56
    3) 6:03 all done at rxd felt like I was so close to spew town on this today actually had to stop a few times during the last round to stop myself was horrible

  2. Kalani says:

    Pause front squats: 50-55-60kg

    Push press: 30-35-40kg

    Effort 1- 7:01, Effort 2- 6:47, Effort 3- 6:28.
    Dont think I was pushing myself hard enough til the last round, probably because I’m used to always pacing myself in a wod. All swings were done with a 20kg kettlebell. I broke my first lot of 15 swings in my first effort but then managed to not put it down for all sets throughout the rest of the efforts. So pretty happy with swinging a 20kg kettlebell!

  3. Chelsea walker says:

    Front squat 3-3-3 80kg,80kg,85kg should have tried 90kg 85 felt pretty good 

    did strict press single arm 5-5-5 with 6kg kb focusing on activating small shoulder and back muscles also did some work with bands and core stability exercises 





    Did rxd. This one hurt felt pretty shitty as getting sick struggled with trying to breath but worked extra hard on last round but all of it killed