CrossFit 42 South

WOD: Friday the 17th October 2014



Barbell rows


*Perfect form. Really tight back and no hitching or jerking the bar to the chest



5 rounds for time of: (20min cut off)

10 push press 40/30kg

10 burpees over the bar

400m run


Optional Midline

Accumulate 2:00 in a perfect hollow hold on hands and feet. Think walking inch worms, hold yourself with your arms out as far as possible and everything tight through the middle. 




EMOM for 16min

Odd- 6-12 c2b pull ups + 20 double unders

Even- 3-6 strict HSPU + 20 double unders

*This should be pretty smooth and I’m after UB reps. Scale numbers up or down as needed.



EMOM until you fail complete

5 deadlifts 60/40kg

5 hang power cleans

5 Shoulder to overhead

*If you can’t do grace in under 3:00 then scale.


Then go for an easy 3km

*Run will be out to the end of the yacht club car park where the funky outdoor exercise equipment is.


Mick and Allisha's little girl Ava getting after a WOD with dad. They are doing the warm up here. 



2 Responses to “WOD: Friday the 17th October 2014”

  1. ty says:

    16 Min EMOM

    odd – 6 c2b + 5 Burpees (no DU calf strain)

    even – 2 strict HSPU + 5 Burpees

    EMOM until failure 9 + 5 + 5 + 2 this was a mental games had to push hard even when you thought you had nothing left

    3 km row average pace 2:04 felt hard the whole way


  2. Chelsea walker says:

    16 min EMOM 

    Odd 6 c2b + 20 Du's missed 2 rounds due to having to break down c2b I should have dropped back to 4. Tore hands and arms just tired 

    Even 3 hspu first round got a few out rx, 3 rnds with 5 kg weight plate then scaled to 10kg weight plate + 20 DU's 


    as many rounds as possible of :

    5 deadlifts @ 40kg

    5 power hang cleans 

    5 STOH 

    14 rounds desperately wanted 15 but just so mentally taxing this one 

    completed 5km run instead of just 3km in total time 26.49 totally buggered after this