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WOD- Friday the 13th April 2012

Are you recording your WODs?

Are you tracking your workout data? If not please start doing so NOW.. 

It isn't a tricky task for you to do. get a note book, use your mobile phone (there are many apps or even just a note section), use your computer etc, just be sure to record your data. 

Why is this important? Because everything in CrossFit is observable, measurable and repeatable. What this means is we observe what you do, we then measure what you do by putting it on the whiteboard and adding it the WOD of the day on our web site then we give you the chance to repeat it. The repeat can vary from one of our benchmark WODs on our Wall, a hero WOD, a general WOD, Strength movements like back and front squats etc. 

We will always be recording your data to our site but it is up to you to record it for your own benefit. If we are doing a workout that asks for a % of your 1RM you need to be able to do this other wise you are missing out on the benefit of the programming we are providing you with. 

So we will continue to do our best in recording what you do on a daily basis but it gets tough when you miss a session and we look up the WOD and your name isn't there plus it is time consuming for us to be bring up each individuals data before a WOD when the time wasted their can be used in educating you all to get a new PB for the day. 

On that note I beg that you guys start to record your data daily. Start with recording your benchmark WODs (the ones with names) and all your major lifts you do E.G back squat 1RM, 2RM, 7RM etc. Do this for all movements like Overhead Squat, power cleans, squat cleans, snatches, press, push press, pull up etc. 

Anyway my rant is over. Do CrossFit MSD proud and start to record your data so you can actually see yourself improve and set yourself some goals. Also this doesn't mean that we aren't here to help you, we just want to see you help your self with our guidance. 🙂


Today we are revisiting a hero WOD we done a few months ago. This is one of the Australian hero WODs so do it proud and really give it a fair go.


“Brett Wood”

5 rounds for time of:

400m run

10 burpees box jumps 24/20”

10 sumo deadlift high pull 42.5/30kg

10 thrusters

Rest 1min


Post times to comments not including the last minute of rest.

Compare to last time


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