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Not Weightlifting Wednesday:

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Well, because it’s my birthday today, I’ve decided to give you guys something gross, but something I’d really enjoy.

This is my Bday present to you all.

Enjoy the process, HAHAHA……


Warm-up (No Measure)

:20 row/AB mod-hard

10 pass throughs

10 air squats

:20 row/AB mod-hard

10 KBS (face height)

10 barbell press

x2 sets

Then taking time to warm up the workout well. 10min on the clock for you to do this.

Please scale as needed today..

Karen falls in love with DT (Time)

50 wall balls

3 rounds of “DT”

50 wall balls

2 rounds of “DT”

50 wall balls

1 round of “DT”


12 deadlifts

9 hang power cleans

6 push jerks

Please scale as needed. This will be a long and sucky WOD.

Smaller target and weight on the WB so you can get through them.

Reduace barbell weight as needed.

Enjoy 🙂

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