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Weightlifting Wednesday

CrossFit MSD – CrossFit

Back at it again….. We are really seeing you guys improve on the weightlifting skills with a weekly focus to it.
Most of you seem to enjoy these sessions which is great.
Keep up the good work kids!


Warm-up (No Measure)

5 down facing dog to up facing dog

10 pass throughs

10 kang squats


5 DB snatch

5 DB push press

5 DB overhead walking lunge

*Perform all reps as a complex with 1 arm then switch sides.

x3 sets.

then barbells out and we will start going over the lifts.


The power should be the limiting factor in these complexes. Focus on a solid power snatch/clean then be aggressive in getting all the way under the full snatch/clean. If you can power snatch or clean it, you can full snatch or clean it. Actually you can full snatch or clean WAY more than the power, and this is our focus.

A: Power snatch + Snatch (Build to a max for the day)

15min to find a max for the day. If you miss the same weight more than 2x in a row, it’s time to drop the weight back or call it a day.

Heavy, but quality.

B: Power clean + Clean + Jerk (Build to a max for the day)

Same rules as the snatch.

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