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Weightlifting Wednesday

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Some more weightlifting Wednesday action!!!! Keep putting in the work and you’ll get better at your weightlifting skills.


Warm-up (No Measure)

10 pass throughs

10 air squats


10 deep lunge + thoracic rot

10 pass throughs bottom of squat


5 behind neck press

5 overhead squats (:3 lower, :5 hold at bottom)


Then we will start going over the first lift


The goal with the hang and low hang work is to build strength in those positions and learning to keep a constant back angle as you lower the bar down before then hitting the lift. We also build in a bit of eccentric load to help you get stronger in these positions.

Keep the shoulders over the bar.

Keep your back tight.

Keep the bar close (lats engaged).

Get the bar into the hips on snatch, high thigh on cleans before getting the bar to pop, then you pull under hard and fast.

Just a few things to think about today.

A: Hang snatch + low hang snatch (5×1+1 building)

Hang is above the knee, low hang is below the knees, just before the plates touch the ground.

Take a few warm up sets, but perform 5 heavy sets, each one building. Think starting around 75-80% of your best 1rm snatch.

B: hang clean + low hang clean + jerk (5×1+1+1 building)

Same positions as the snatch.

Start around 75-80% of best clean and jerk and build.

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