CrossFit 42 South

Wednesday the 30th October 2013

Firstly a reminder that Monday is a public holiday so the box will be closed and back to normal class times on Tuesday. I will be training at some stage so when I am in I'll facebook it. 

Thank you, CrossFit

Good article on how CrossFit has helped weightlifting



(A1) Snatch – rest 1min


*Gradually add weight on each set.


(A2) 7x 5-10 UB Toes 2 Bar

*Do the max amount of reps you can manage based on your skill level. Be sure to push yourself.


Score is lightest-heaviest snatch and total T2B completed.


Additional Work

4x 500m row @ 90% of ME

Rest 2min

*Goal is to keep the times consistent. Each effort should feel like work but just shy of your max PR pace.

MW19101342 [800x600]
Whos that massive bloke in the back lol…. Brucey did crush this WOD by the way.. 



One Response to “Wednesday the 30th October 2013”

  1. Wils says:

    Looks like David and Goliath………
    Good to see you get a photo bomb back on Brucy tho lol