CrossFit 42 South

Wednesday the 27th March 2013

Ok with Easter being bang in the middle of the Open we are encouraging that all athletes who are registered get in on thursday arvo from 3.30pm to do the 13.4. We will also be allowing open gym time at 10am on Saturday for any athletes who are unable to hit it up on Thursday. Friday we are closed but If I'm in the box i'll post up on Facebook. 


Clean and jerk 1rm


If you are doing 13.4 tomorrow just do skill work instead of the conditioning. If you are doing 13.4 but you have organised to do it another day then you will do the conditioning WOD

EMOM for 7minutes

5 hang power cleans (heavy as possible, no dropping once the bar gets to the hang)

rest as needed then

Row 2000m 






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