CrossFit 42 South

Wednesday the 21st August 2013


10min AMRAP of:

10 KBS 32/24kg

10 over the box jumps 30/24”

10 burpees



Additional Work



Add weight in each set. If you miss, re start that set, if you miss again drop the weight.


Snatch first pulls (3sec pause on knee)


pick a weight and stick to it. Around 105% of max snatch and add weight to each session

Some weightlifting for those who want to watch. I encourage you watch as much as possible if you wish to improve as a lifter…. 



2 Responses to “Wednesday the 21st August 2013”

  1. Mitch says:

    Always watching MDUSA, attitude nation, barbell shrugged, Kendrick Farris and klokov videos. They've all help me learn so much about lifting.

  2. Stag says:

    I watch Lingy's videos to learn good technique!