CrossFit 42 South

Wednesday the 11th September 2013



Front squat


*same weight for all sets. Start around 75-80% of max and add weight from there weekly.



Power clean (T&G)


*Start heavier then last week. If you can finish heavier that’s great, but isn’t important. As long as you start heavier and build up, you’ll move more weight overall which is what I’m after..


Additional Work (get in early so you can get a start on the squats then make your way down the list)

3 Power snatch + 3 OHS (T&G)

Build up to a max for this complex in 15minutes

For those who didn't see this on FB. This video really made me laugh hard. I must have some inner Asian? I'll ask Alif but I'm sure I don't.. Anyway this is how you should rest.. "It's more stable" and guys you'll pull the ladies. 



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