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Wednesday the 10th July 2013

Just for a bit of a laugh. (Thanks to Morgan for posting this on the FB page)
10 Good Reasons Why Women Should Stay Away from Weights:

1. You might break a nail.

2. You could even bruise a male ego or two.

3. You’ll eat properly and still be able to lose fat. Work of the devil!

4. You’ll look more like an athlete and less like a runway model. Skeletal is sexy, right?

5. You’ll be able to lift heavy things without asking a man for help, thus upsetting the balance of the universe.

6. You will be seen in public without high heels.

7. You’ll grunt, sweat and feel sore. So unladylike!

8. You’ll be proud of your pert bum instead of being self conscious about it like a normal woman.

9. You’ll be more active and confident instead of sitting around looking pretty. What are you, some kind of feminist?

10. You’ll be stronger, leaner and sexier – and we all know where that can lead!


Strength (not for those doing smolov. You will squat here instead)

Deadlift 5rm

*Start around 75% of you new max and add 2.5-5kg each week


Conditioning (Everyone)

3 rounds for total time of:

20 wall balls 9/7kg

10 power clean 70/50kg (T&G as much as possible. Don’t just get lazy and drop it)

Rest 60 seconds


Additional Work

Smolov week 1 day 2 (do this instead of DL 5RM)

4×7 @ 75%


12 minutes to find 3rm Power snatch

*Try to get in at least 3-5 heavy sets

nutrition guide
Pretty much sums it up really… Make a few tweeks depending on how much how hard you are training. I personally eat rice, potatos, sweet potatos etc. I also train for 1.5-2 hours a day 5 days a week. Eat carbs according to your training needs. If you rest eat meat and veggies if you train add in some carbs. 
If you would like to orgainse a catch up to talk about nutrition geared to your goals whether that be performance, fat loss, muscle gain etc please just ask 🙂



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