CrossFit 42 South


CrossFit MSD – CrossFit

W/UP: Warm-up (No Measure)

Good mobility flow to get going

2min moderate AB

-rest 1min/walk around-

1min slightly faster but still moderate

-rest 1min/walk around-

2x:30sec tough-is effort

-rest 1min-

2x:10sec burst all out with 1:00 rest between

then 3 sets of:

5-8 reps on each

air squat

banded good morning

vertical jump and land (focus on landing tech)

band pull aparts

then we will start prepping into the workout building up to working weights, box jump height etc.

A: “Fight Club” (AMRAP – Reps)

3 Rounds for total reps:

1min thrusters 42.5/30kg

1min power cleans

1min box jump on and overs 24/20″

1min pull ups

1min AB calories

1min Rest
Modify this as needed to be able to move well, safe and fast. Start on the thrusters please. Just stagger the starts to allow a nice flow. Leave 1min between each 3-4 then the bike remains easy to get on and off. Also meaning less equiptment needed to get out.

B: Metcon (No Measure)

15min easy:

:15-:30sec side plank/es

1min any machine

8 pallor press rotations***/es

lunge flow/es

1min any machine
*** with arms locked out in front of you you will rotate away from the point of attachment as far as you can moving throughthe torso, not just the arms. Then come all the way back in and repeat for the reps.

Bit of extra aerobic work + core work at a pace that has you feeling bettwe for doing it than not. Thia is needed after the super high intense crossfit workout today.

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