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W/UP: Warm-up (No Measure)

Here early? Get your heart rate up and break a sweat before class starts.

Quick general movement flows to start with while we talk about the workout for the day

then straight into

2 sets of:

10-12 single arm high pulls/es

:20-:3-sec controlled shoulder taps (not needing to shift weight to counter balance, use you core and strength to stabilise as your hand comes off)

A: Metcon (No Measure)

Skill and core work:

5 sets for QUALITY of:

:10-:20sec hollow hold/bent hollow hold

:10-:20sec arch hold

5-10 toes to bar/ knees to elbows, knees to chest/kip swing
*Working on this again, but this week we are going to work on building on the kip swing into the TTB. Working on linking your kip swing still so you may not even try TTB if you arn’t there yet.

B1: DB by side reverse lunge (4 x 20 alternating legs @ controlled lower)

-rest :30sec between legs and 1:00 before B2-

B2: Pike Handstand Push Ups (4 x 8-12)

-rest 1:00 before B1-

Even if yu can do HSPU, pike HSPU is the focus today. This can be modified to using lower box or just from the floor. This can also be modified to regular push ups.

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