CrossFit 42 South


CrossFit MSD – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

10min easy AMRAP

10m bear crawl

10 banded pull aparts

3-5 push ups @ 3131 tempo (incline as scaling option)

:10sec active hand from bar

:10sec top of calf raise hold (really stand tall)

A: Bench Press (6-6-6-6-6)

-Go every 3:00-

Progressing from last weeks 8’s. Extra set, less reps, but still higher volume.

No set tempo, But good control. No bouncing off the chest.

B: Metcon (No Measure)

6 sets for QUALITY

5-8 C2B/TTB (alternate each round)

10 goblet squats 32/24kg

35 Double unders

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