CrossFit 42 South

Wednesday 27/06/2012


Take 10min to build up to a 5RM deadlift for the day. (Try not to waste all your energy in building up slowly and doing multiple sets just under your max. I want you to work up to your TRUE 5RM so save your energy for this)



For time complete the following

150 wall balls 9/7kg

Yes I know it’s a lot of wall balls but this is the time to see have you improved not only physically but also mentally. This WOD is mentally tough. The ball isn’t heavy enough for you to actually fail a rep but mentally you’ll want to give up.

Will you be the one who cherry picks this session because you know it sucks or will you be the bad ass who shows up no matter what the WOD?

Ask yourself why do you train and how bad do you want it. This will get you through any hard WOD.


Compare to last time

Post weight used in strength and time for WOD to comments

Martin- You're missed already bro. Be safe back at work and we look forward to your return to training. Kick as man….

2 Responses to “Wednesday 27/06/2012”

  1. Martin says:

    I was a bit shocked to find my ugly mug up here. Awww shucks thanks a lot

  2. CrossFitMSD says:

    No worries man…. You became family to us over the last 10 weeks. We miss ya man.. Try hit this WOD if possible 🙂