CrossFit 42 South


CrossFit MSD – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

3 rounds of:

10 single leg RDL/es DB by sides (good form)

:15-:30sec side plank after each leg on the same side

Then 3 rounds to prep for WOD of:

:30sec single skips

5-8 KB swings

5-8 box jumps

5-8 DL*

*Increase weight each round
Then to allow a smooth flow for todays WOD, we will stagger the starts. So 3-5ppl go, then wait until they are done on A then another group wtc. To allow for more space, less clutter and a better flow. Just makes it easier for space and setting up.

A: Metcon (Time)

For Time:


Deadlifts 70/50kg

Box humps 24/20″
~rest 5:00~

B: Metcon (Time)

For Time:

100 Double unders

50 KB swings 24/16kg

100 Double unders

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